Published in “Spiritual Citizens” – a Christian Anthology!


I was thrilled to hear a while ago that one of my short stories, Battle Cry, had been selected for publication in an upcoming e-book entitled Spiritual Citizens: A Christian Fiction Anthology, edited by Kim Bond!  This collection has now been released, and is available as a free e-book, or as a hard copy which you can buy at cost.

The e-book can be viewed at this link:

If you’re interested in purchasing a hard copy, or would like to browse through the other free e-books made available by Kim Bond, feel free to visit her website at

The most exciting thing about this project is that no one is making any money on it.  Each of the writers have donated their stories, and the editor has donated her time in order to make this available as a free e-book.  At the very end of the book, the editor offers a wonderful summary of the collection along with a presentation of the Gospel.

Many thanks to Kim Bond for putting this collection together.  If it can be used to point even one person towards Christ, then it was well worth the effort!


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