Devotional Desktop

Each time I turn on my computer, I am usually preparing to work for several hours and have a flurry of thoughts running through my mind. In the midst of this frenzied mental activity, it can be difficult to slow down and take time to meditate on God.

Thanks to the free devotional desktop images provided by, however, I’m able to find hope and encouragement every time I glance at my computer monitor, am reminded to reflect on God’s goodness throughout the day, and have something to look forward to at the start of every month.

You see, each month I replace my computer desktop graphic with a new monthly calendar image from Not only am I given a breathtaking image paired with a profound Scripture passage, but a monthly calendar is included for easy reference.

Now that March has officially arrived, I was excited to update my desktop. I loved this month’s image so much, that I decided to share it with all of you.




I grew up in New Mexico, where there was a Hot Air Balloon Festival each year. I remember looking on in wonder as the multi-colored balloons floated across the sky and dreaming about what it must be like to simply drift through the clouds without a care. Now, as I gaze at this stunning photograph, it’s almost as if I get to re-live those memories.

And what a beautiful prayer to reflect on each day! May each of you trust in God, as it says in Romans 15:13, so that you may overflow with hope.

I love that. When we hand our cares over to God, He doesn’t just give us a little comfort, or a bite of hope. He gives us hope and peace overflowing.

May you all be blessed today.




11 thoughts on “Devotional Desktop

      1. When I clicked on this post and saw that photograph I was immediately affected in a positive way. Then I noticed the scripture which was also uplifting. I have been inside so much these past winter months. I am looking forward to spending time outdoors this spring. So many things in nature make me think about the Lord.

        Thank you for sharing this.



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