Friday Fictioneers – “Rose”




A lifetime of dreams – burned to ash.

The Union soldiers had left nothing but unforgiving flames in their wake.

How cruel to be named Charlotte, meaning “tiny and feminine.” I certainly felt tiny as I watched our beautiful house burn, as my younger brother and I picked up the pieces…alone.

“Look!” Ashton cried, pointing.

There, in the midst of the filthy smoke, stood a single red rose. The entire plantation had burned around it, but this rose held its blazing scarlet head high, daring the world to crush its spirit.

“Charlotte…” he began.

“No,” I said, resolute.

“Call me Rose.”




This week’s challenge at Friday Fictioneers involved composing a stirring piece of historical fiction out of 100 words and the homely picture above.

Here’s my attempt at it!




35 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – “Rose”

    1. You know, I actually didn’t. I chose Charlotte because it really does mean “tiny and feminine,” and I wanted to use a name change to capture this moment where a young girl grows up and enters the world of adulthood. But the similarity between the names was a happy coincidence!

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