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“Words well used reach deep inside and stir our hearts…testimony overcomes the enemy.”

Laura Bennet


Christian writer Laura Bennet knows a thing or two about miracles. Though she has lived in California for most of her life, her husband and three youngest children claimed Australia as their home until just recently. “Brendan and I met online, Skype dated and married five and a half years ago when he moved with his children here. I have four grown kids, so together we have seven children and eight grandchildren!” The remarkable story of the way God drew this family together from across the world inspired Laura’s first book, The Miracle of Us: Confessions of an Online Dater.

Though Laura has spent most of her career working as either a teacher or a homeschool mom, she loves reading and has always wanted to write. “Books take us to another world where we can experience adventure, romance and grow as a person,” reflects Laura. “Words well used reach deep inside and stir our hearts. Music does the same. And while I once held dreams of also being a musician, I landed with writing.”

As a Christian writer, Laura’s primary goal is to share the message of the gospel. “My focus in writing is to communicate God’s great love for everyone and His desire for each of us to be in an intimate relationship with Him,” she explains. “Jesus took on all the sin and darkness of the world in order for us to have a way to be with Him now and forever. And because of Jesus, we have hope, healing and redemption. His plan for us is good and no matter what has happened in our lives, He is able to do anything to restore life and make it good for us. If I can impart that to my readers – if I can offer hope and encouragement, or let them see a glimpse of the reality of God and His love for them – I am beyond thrilled… and humbled.”

Like many writers, Laura is always on the lookout for inspiration, and says she has found it in even the most ordinary places. “Believe it or not, I don’t look for subjects, they jump out at me!” she exclaims. “I will be going about normal life and randomly have an idea or storyline begin in my mind. I usually think, ‘I wonder what someone would have done in this situation,’ or ‘I wonder how so–and-so would have felt if this happened?’ My list of pending projects is so long I lament I may never be able to accomplish them all. But I’m always considering what is new, fresh and hasn’t been written before – something with a different twist or a story more real and deep. I write, as most do, from experience and my heart. Testimony overcomes the enemy.”

As far as other artists whose work Laura admires, they were almost too numerous to count. “Let’s see if I can narrow it down,” she laughs. “Authors: Charles Dickens for the way he developed characters; George Mac Donald for weaving the true depth of the gospel into his intriguing stories; Francine Rivers – hands down the writer who has most inspired and influenced me with her life changing books; Mary De Muth for her beautifully lyrical style and transparency in both fiction and non-fiction. Ginny Yttrup, Dale Cramer, and James Scott Bell. Musicians: David Crowder and Jars of Clay – both have such depth in lyrics, a pure heart in worship, talent and variety. I never get tired of listening. Renoir is my favorite artist. And I greatly admire my eldest son, Josh Brinckerhoff, whose talent in music, art and production amaze me!”

Laura has worked hard at perfecting her craft, but says that her daily walk with God is the true key to her writing success. “The bottom line is I pray while I write,” she shares. “I see myself as only a tool in God’s hand, a messenger if you will, so I want to communicate whatever God wants me to write. I believe God is the one who will give me the words and help me order them well. And the more I learn, the more He has to work with.”

When asked if she believes that art and writing has the power to change lives, Laura’s response was enthusiastic. “Absolutely! A song, a piece of art, a book – my life has been impacted and even changed by each of those,” she says. “Each time we are drawn to a work of art, revelation can occur. It gives us another perspective, broadens our view or solidifies something we’ve been considering. I think because God is the creator, He speaks to us through creativity. It touches something in our spirit that may not even be conscious to us.”

Laura’s book, The Miracle of Us: Confessions of an Online Dater, is currently available for purchase on Amazon as a paperback or e-book. Laura describes this work as “a narrative non-fiction/memoir describing the amazing way God brought my husband and me together from across the world, joining our two families and giving us both a second chance at love.”

Also, if you visit Laura’s website at and sign up for updates, she will send you a free PDF copy of her short work, Safety Tips for Online Dating, and will update you each time a new work is released.

After finding success as a Christian writer, Laura offers this advice to others pursuing a similar dream: “Put God first. Then He will give you the ability, the talent, and the words to write. Depend on Him for strength, wisdom and the message He wants others to hear. Believe that He will use you and make a way for others to hear whatever He has for them. Being an artist is not easy. The creative process may flow somewhat easily at times, but the actuality of working in a creative field, especially in selling our work, is difficult. It takes perseverance and guts. Work hard and don’t quit!”



“I think because God is the Creator, He speaks to us through creativity.”

Laura Bennet


12 thoughts on “Christian Artist Feature – Laura Bennet

  1. You are spot on in highlighting Laura. I have followed her for quite some time and she never fails to inspire me as a Christian, and as a writer. Thanks for attracting me to your own wonderful blog by lifting up Laura.
    Blessings upon your house,

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      1. John Mark,
        I would be honored to have you read my short story “Joy-Flower”. I have the feeling it might be something you might like, need, or can “use” in some way. Thanks for visiting my humble site.

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