Upstaging God – Reconsidering Our Approach to Bible Teaching

I originally posted this on my devotional blog, but its correlation to the fine arts is so strong that I thought I’d share it with all of you as well! Have a blessed Monday!

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In the world of fine arts, an almost unforgivable faux pas is to upstage one of the leading actors. To practice upstaging is to divert attention to oneself, stealing the spotlight from the one who was meant to be the center of attention in a given dramatic moment.

During college my fine arts group put on a performance of Fiddler On the Roof. The actress who played Yenta, the mischievous matchmaker, decided she was tired of only getting to sing for seconds at a time. So, she started to change things up a little. During a scene where she was supposed to sing a very short line, followed by a very impressive dance number, she started holding out one of her notes until her lungs could take no more. With each subsequent performance this note grew longer, while her friends snickered backstage, the audience grew confused, the orchestra grew tired…

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