Book Review – “A Mom’s Point of View: Beginning Adulthood”

Moms Point of View



The fateful day has arrived – your child is leaving for college. Their bags are packed, you’ve hugged the life out of them, and now you try to hold back tears as they pull away from the curb. As they ride off into the sunset, you ask yourself, “Have I covered everything? Have I told them everything they’ll need to know for life on their own?”

It’s impossible, of course, for any parent to remember everything, and I’m sure all mothers and fathers kick themselves for weeks after sending their children out into the world as new lessons continually spring to mind. Wouldn’t it be nice if parents could be given a quick reference guide for this pivotal moment… a “cheat sheet” to assist them in covering the basics with their kids?

This was the concept behind Kimberly Kay Moreland’s e-book, A Mom’s Point of View: Beginning Adulthood. As a “mommy blogger” who regularly shares parenting and online safety tips with her readers at, Moreland decided to chain many of these pearls of wisdom together in a reference manual for young adults just getting started in life.

With so many self-help books out there today, is this one worth a second glance? Here’s my fair review:


Defining Terms

First, let’s call this resource what it is. It is not a typical book, complete with warm family memories and quotable quotes. I actually found the title slightly misleading, since A Mom’s Point of View caused my imagination to conjure up expectations of hilarious “mommy tales” and wise anecdotes. If you approach this manual with that sort of expectation, you’re sure to walk away disappointed.

However, if you take this manual for what it is – a quick reference guide for parents and young adults – you may find it quite useful. At just forty-one pages in length, this manual is extremely brief and to the point. This is obviously not an attempt to try and capture all of a parent’s wisdom and insight in one overwhelming encyclopedia of knowledge. Instead, it is a small manual with a few handy tips designed to help young people get a jump start on life.


The Good News

As I read through this manual, I found a good deal of useful information – even for me! For example, I never knew the difference between a website labeled “http” and one labeled “https,” or how much one is expected to tip a dog groomer, gardener, or serviceman who helps jump start your car. Thanks to this handy guide, I now have answers to those nagging little questions.

I also appreciated the book’s electronic format, with a Table of Contents equipped with hyperlinks. This made it very simple to find the topic I wanted, click the link, and go right to the section I wanted to read.

While this manual offers only a brief glance at each topic covered and is in no way comprehensive, I came to appreciate its brevity. Young people may not have the patience to search through a long narrative looking for hidden nuggets, but this is something they can use to get quick and immediate answers. Each topic is covered briefly, and several helpful charts and diagrams are included.


The Bad News

Some of the information provided may fall under the “common sense” category to your kids, based on how well you’ve prepared them up to this point. They could easily overlook these topics, however, and just read the portions that seem important to them.

While scrolling through the guide, I found myself wishing for a more organized approach to the layout. The topics covered could easily have been categorized into major sections, such as a “Finance” section and “Around the House” section. Instead, one topic immediately follows another. While this is wonderful for saving pages, it’s just not pleasing to the eye. Instead of “feeling” like a book, this reference guide made me feel as if I was reading a particularly in-depth blog post. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is helpful to know in advance.


Summing Up

In short, this guide really is a handy way for young people to get some very helpful information without having to invest much time doing independent research. I think layout of this e-book will be especially appealing to left-brained, analytical thinkers. Personally, I tend to be more creative and right-brained, and I really did miss the artwork, clear chapter headers, and empty space that other books typically provide. If you have a more logical and scientific approach to life, however, then you’ll love how concise this e-book is.

Of course, the price will also leave you smiling. On the date this review was published, A Mom’s Point of View: Beginning Adulthood was available at for only $4.49 per copy. That means you’re getting about ten pages of tips and organizational tricks for every dollar spent, which is a pretty good steal.


“Train up a child in the way he should go. Even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6






This fair review was provided in exchange for a free copy of the e-book. To request a review from The Artistic Christian, click here


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