Friday Fictioneers – “The Resolution”




Hair tousled from another sleepless night, George stared past his youthful reflection and gazed at the cold, gray world outside. His eyes brimmed with sorrow as they fell on a boy in the street, hungry and covered in grime.

And here he was. Warm. Comfortable.

“I’m just one man,” he mused. “Could I change things?”

His heart answered readily.

His mother called out, “George? George Ferdinand Mueller!”

She found him and sighed. “Saving the world again?”

He smiled, grabbed a roll for the boy, and strode to the door. “Yes,” he said resolutely. “And there’s not a moment to lose!”




This week’s challenge at Friday Fictioneers was to produce a piece of Historical Fiction using only the thoughtful photo above, the standard 100 words, and our own imagination.

I based this piece on George Mueller, the man from Bristol, England who decided to open an orphanage and ended up opening 127 Christian schools and educating over 120,000 children, many of whom were orphans.  If you’ve never read his inspiring biography… you certainly should!

Happy Friday, everyone!


PHOTO PROMPT:  Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

40 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – “The Resolution”

    1. Okay…point taken! I was trying to imagine what this decision point might have looked like during his younger years and was trying to capture the enthusiasm of youth, but you’re right – it wasn’t very British. He should have probably been just as resolute and a little more matter of fact…

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  1. An interesting detour into the life and times of someone I’d never heard of before. And a reminder of the power of prayer. I wish I didn’t have to be reminded all the time. 🙂


    1. Thanks…I often wonder what first inspired great change-makers to start making a positive difference in the world…this scene has no historical accuracy whatsoever, but it was fun to dream up!


  2. Dear John Mark,

    If you don’t know yet, my favorite genre is historical fiction. Your story is a beautifully imagined moment in the day of the life of a great man. Nicely done.




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