Introducing My Companion Blog!




Now that The Artistic Christian has been around for a complete year, I’ve realized two things.  First, I love discussing the arts from a Christian perspective and simply must continue.  And two, I really need to start a Devotional Blog!

For those of you who have been faithful readers, you know that I’m passionate about sharing the powerful truths of God’s Word and discussing these with other brothers and sisters in Christ.  What else could you expect from a preacher, after all?  But every once in a while I’ve posted a theological or devotional article and wondered, “Does this really have anything to do with the arts or culture?”

My answer to this dilemma was to launch a, a companion blog to The Artistic Christian which will give me a place to record these deeper theological articles.  This blog will feature sermons I’ve preached, along with a weekly devotional blog.

As for The Artistic Christian, don’t worry… it’s not going anywhere!  I’ve enjoyed the many online conversations we’ve shared this past year immensely, and I’m looking forward to many more to come!

Be Blessed!

John Mark


11 thoughts on “Introducing My Companion Blog!

  1. Awesome! I thrive on God’s word and really look forward more of it here. About four years ago my wife and I lost nearly everything. We were forced to move in with here parents, which in hindsight, I believe was part of God’s plan. My father-in-law has Alzheimer’s and my mother-in-law has needed increasing amounts of help due to his diminishing ability to walk. It was reading through year long bible reading plans and devotionals that God kept my anxiety level and fear at bay.

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    1. Wow…talk about a powerful testimony! And now you continue to share God’s promises every day with your online audience. Thanks for sharing your story, and may God bless your ministry!


      1. I’m almost finished it. I loooooovvvveeee it. I’m a huge Francis Shaeffer fan. The Culture Monk, Kenneth Justice turned me on to him. Do you read Kenneth’s blog?


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