“All Shook Up” – The Power of Variety in Blogging

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“Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”

William Cowper



“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.”

Felix Mendelssohn



I love the freshness of each new season. As we move into a particularly cold winter I’ve found myself shivering in freezing rain and nearly fainting at my electric bill, but none of this can wipe the smile from my face. Life is such a beautiful thing. I love the beauty and artistic design that is found all around us. I love the constant change.

And isn’t that the mark of a true masterpiece? To produce a work that has a unified theme, while also providing variety and freshness? If we could only harness this excitement and freshness in our daily blog posts, who knows what we could accomplish!

Here are a few ideas for “shaking things up” with your blog, and using the beauty of variety to enhance your site:


Vary Your Topics

Some bloggers have a daily or weekly formula that they use without fail. While I’m sure this saves a great deal of time, it doesn’t do much in the “generating interest” department for your readers.

You must stay true to your overall theme, but try making a list of all the topics which could possibly fit under your theme and still make sense. Offering posts on a variety of different topics and categories gives your readers a powerful gift: the gift of choice. As a teacher, I noticed that allowing my students to choose between two or more activities flooded the room with renewed energy and excitement.

Will this take a little more time? Sure, but it’s well worth it.


Vary Your Writing Style

We all have a unique voice in writing, but this does not mean we have to use the same layout day after day, ad nauseam. Try writing from someone else’s perspective every once in a while, or even from the perspective of an inanimate object looking at your life! Many bloggers have had great success with poems, open letters, interviews, reviews, journal entries, etc.

The thing to remember is this: if you’re starting to feel bored with your material, your readers are too – guaranteed. Time to change things up!


Vary Your Look

We exist in an extremely visual culture, and changing your look is the surest and fastest way to grab immediate attention online. I’ve tried to change the look and feel of my blog every six months or so, and each time I do I see a dramatic increase in traffic.

Along with changing your overall blog theme, you can also try adding quality graphics, videos, and illustrations to your daily posts. Try to keep your readers wondering what on earth you’ll try next… give them a reason to keep checking back.


As Christian writers, our goal is to reflect the message of Christ and bring Him glory. By using fresh ideas and variety in our writing and layout, we’re able to better reflect the beauty and creativity that the Master Artist has poured into each and every aspect of this splendid world in which we live.



“He changes times and seasons…He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.”

Daniel 2:21




This post was submitted as part of IWSG, a fellowship of writers dedicated to offering advice, support, and encouragement for fellow writers on the first Wednesday of every month.




11 thoughts on ““All Shook Up” – The Power of Variety in Blogging

    1. You know, I’ve tried this several ways and still haven’t figured it out completely! I’m starting to learn that different times work on different days. I’ve found there are three peak times during a typical work day… the early morning (before everyone gets busy at work), the lunch hour, and after 5:00 p.m. (when everyone heads home for the day). I typically try to post my article in the early morning, answer comments and put out a Twitter advertisement during lunch, and then answer more comments in the evening. This works pretty well if you prefer consistency.

      If you don’t mind taking a risk, let your posts go live in the evenings. Some evenings are just dead (like Friday nights, when everyone is out having fun), but on other evenings a fresh post can generate a great response!

      If you’ve found anything that works in regard to this, please let me know. Like I said, I’m still trying to figure this part out!


  1. These are really great ideas John Mark. I’m going to work on implementing some of them this year for both my blogs. Thanks for the like and follow; you’ve gained a new follower yourself. 🙂 Have a great New Year and God bless. Eva


  2. Writing from a new perspective is something I tried today in my own IWSG post. I’m very pleased with the results. You’re absolutely right that we need to mix things up to keep our blogs interesting, not only for our readers but for ourselves.

    Liked by 1 person

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