Film Review: “Ring the Bell”


Looking for a good sports related film that presents a strong Christian message? Well, look no further! Ring the Bell, now available on Netflix, offers a quality cast and one of the clearest presentations of the Gospel I’ve ever seen at the movies.

My wife and I were first drawn into Ring the Bell, the 2013 film release directed by Thomas Weber, because it features guest appearances by Mark Miller of Casting Crowns and Steven Curtis Chapman. And while a few movie moments as well as the lead role, played by Ryan Scharoun, come across as a bit cheesy at times, we were delighted by the overall quality of the film.

Viewers are introduced to Rob Decker, a successful sports agent who visits a small town determined to sign a local baseball player, and finds a whole lot more than he bargained for. The film deals with what is truly important in life, and features a performance and Gospel presentation by Casting Crowns that will leave you feeling as if you’ve been to a free Christian concert.

The entire cast offers good performances, but the standout here is Ashley Nicole Anderson, who lights up the screen as a mature believer who boldly stands for her faith.

As an added bonus, Major League Baseball player Ben Zobrist makes a cameo appearance. Whether you’re a dedicated baseball fan or not, this is a squeaky clean, family movie that is absolutely worth watching.

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