Christian Artist Feature – Stormie Steele




“Being a practitioner of the Christian faith is an art form…”

Stormie Steele


For the very first article in my Christian Artist Feature Series I had the pleasure of interviewing Stormie Steele, author of Life Through the Storm – The Healing Journey. As a holistic life counselor, speaker, author, blogger, teaching artist, and drum circle facilitator, Stormie has found a variety of ways to use her talents to glorify God and help to bring healing into the lives of other people.

Without a doubt, Stormie views herself as a Christian first, and an artist second. “Honestly, I’ve never considered myself to be a Christian artist,” she explains. “I am a Christian, who happens to be an artist.”

This perspective has made a powerful impact on Stormie’s work. “I am committed to living and applying my Christian faith in whatever I do – personally, professionally, relationally, etc.” says Stormie. “As an artist, I hope to exude the essence of what I live. Being a practitioner of the Christian faith is an art form.”

When asked if she felt her relationship with Christ has made her a better artist, Stormie responded, “My relationship with Christ is my life! Yes, of course! I completely understand and accept that whatever I’ve been given to do as an artist must be filled with guidance from the Giver of such. It’s impossible to represent Christ in any form of artistry without first having His blueprint. Blueprint in hand, I’m better equipped to serve.”

Of course, every great artist finds inspiration in the work of others. Stormie greatly admires the work of Thomas Merton, Dr. Tony Evans, Cecil Murphey, Dr. Charles Stanley, and Cherie Hill, to name a few. Besides her faith and the work of other artists, however, Stormie’s greatest inspiration comes from life itself.

“Life and its impact on me has created many stories,” she says. “Those stories are lessons – filled with hopes, disappointments, joys, fear, failures, and triumphs. It is from that collage of influence that I write, drum, sing, dance, or create pieces of art.”

I also asked if Stormie believed that art has the power to change lives. “Art is a tool. It is power, and power can indeed change lives,” she responded. “However, without an internalized awareness and accountability to the Creator of all things (Who gives us meaning) – it can be easy for artists – Christian or otherwise – to lose themselves in the current of their art form. Look at our world – every field of intelligent art form has its share of corruption! Without understanding, wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit – we worship art! We misinterpret who we are, quite often because of our lack of understanding art. On the other hand, the influence of art can awaken a soul from the depths of confusion, shame, and self-hatred – prompting another soul to do the same. Art is contagious!”

As a final question, I asked Stormie what advice she had to share with other Christian artists.  She said,  “The advice that I would give to other Christians artists: pay close attention to yourself as you interact with life, your industry, and with your fellow man. Keep your heart open and contrite and before the Lord. Confession is not condemnation – it is a path towards change and transformation. Finally, embrace the sacredness of His presence in your life (the rarest of all finds) – place nothing, absolutely nothing before Him!”


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“Art is a tool. It is power, and power can indeed change lives.”

Stormie Steele




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