Christian Flash Weekly – “Epic Peace”




The pounding hooves of thousands of horses shook the earth so violently that the guards were alerted. From their high stone towers, they sounded the warning gongs with all their might.

“The enemy is coming!” they shouted above the terrible din.

Marco watched in amazement as the desert wasteland sprang to life with the heart-stopping sight of a million troops rushing toward their tiny fortress. The soldiers sprang into action, and no one asked who approached them. There was only one enemy these days – united and strong. After the earth had been decimated by nuclear war, the United Government had promised a new era of stability. It had delivered this – by wiping the planet clean of any who refused to pledge total allegiance to the god of one-world government.

The religious dissenters had felt safe out in the desert.

Until now.

The troops were upon them in seconds, and the clamor of battle stretched as far as the eye could see. The chaotic roar of gunshot blasts and clanging swords deafened Marco, and he winced as his face was splattered with warm blood. So this was the end…

But then time stood still.

The heavens flashed with blinding white radiance as the sky yawned apart. The noise of battle ceased instantly, and all men were frozen with awe.

“Yeshua!” every tongue sang out as humankind fell to its knees.

He had promised peace centuries ago, and now…

Now all was fulfilled.




Scripture Prompt:

“Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.”

Luke 2:14




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