Flash Friday – “Captive Set Free”




I was marrying the wrong man.

Part of me had always known. Michael was handsome and successful… almost too perfect. He was also completely self-absorbed and – well – completely wrong.

But I knew the moment I opened the gift from Jake, my harebrained friend since preschool. It wasn’t just a new Christmas ornament for my collection – it was the ornament. The same ridiculous Santa that I had cried over when my cat ate it. After all these years…he had remembered.

There was an audible gasp as I flung the church doors open and fled outside, shouting his name. He says I took his breath away as I ran across the fresh snow in my gleaming white dress.

He ran across the street to reach me, stopping traffic and slamming into an elderly couple. They actually arrested him for jaywalking, but he says it was worth it.

We had a beautiful Christmas wedding, and our cake topper? My cherished Santa ornament…behind bars.




Today’s Flash! Friday Challenge was to use 140-160 words and this mischievous Santa mug shot to craft a brilliant tale. 

Happy Friday to all!

Photo Credit:  Wanted: Santa Claus. CC artwork by Kevin Dooley.


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