Flash Friday – “Human Essence”

Dragon Fire


Scorching heat seared his back as Seth stumbled into the courtyard of the Intergalactic Observatory. It seemed the entire planet was in flames, and according to holonet reports, this would be true soon enough. Seth held his breath, fighting the urge to inhale the venomous fumes.

The crazy part was, they had known. The minute Earth had opened communication with a higher species, the masses had feared aggression. The United Government had predicted an attack, but never this.

Their planet…charred to ash.

Their race…obliterated.

Seth made it to the hangar at last and entered the launch codes. Once ignited the Phoenix Rocket blazed into the sky, carrying with it the hope of mankind. It held historical records of mankind’s greatest discoveries and achievements – the Bible, the U.S. Constitution, paintings and compositions – all on a thumb-sized microchip. Perhaps, eons later, it would be discovered. Perhaps they would be remembered.

And reborn.




Flash! Friday is celebrating its anniversary today with a major contest!  Using the fiery photo prompt above and exactly 150 words, contestants are competing for some pretty amazing prizes.  I’m glad to celebrate Friday by  joining this heated fray!


Photo Credit:  Red Sunset. CC2.0 photo by Petteri Sulonen.




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