Flash Friday – “Grown”



“We are never to leave the caves, Sarina. When you’re grown you’ll understand.”

Her parents had warned her for twenty-one years, and Sarina had never questioned it.

Until today.

Living within dark caverns when the world outside was so beautiful had become unbearable. She wanted to dance among the wildflowers, breathe fresh air and feel warm sunshine…just once.

So she had grabbed her red sundress and slipped past the Cavern Guards. The day had been better than she’d dreamed, and after dancing for hours, she had fallen asleep in the valley.

She woke with a jolt as water plunged about her. The sky had grown dark and fierce, and the tide was rising fast, reaching her shoulders in seconds.

She suddenly longed for the Mountain Caves, but they were far beyond reach.

Now…at the end…she finally understood.

For this week’s Flash! Friday contest we were given up to 150 words, the foreboding picture above, and the command to include the concept of “Coming of Age.”

Happy Black Friday, everyone!


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