Sharing My Birthday Blessing…

Birthday Turkey


It’s my birthday today, and I’ve been surrounded by wonderful wishes and prayers of birthday blessing.  My co-workers threw an office party (complete with the awesome little turkey you see above and lemon bars, one of my favorite desserts), and tonight I’ll get to celebrate with my wife and kids.

The most inspirational birthday card, however, came from a retired old couple who used to serve as missionaries to Brazil.  They sent me such a powerful birthday blessing, that I’ve decided to share it with each of you!  May this be true for all of us in the coming year:

We are grateful for you and the lives you and Janelle have touched, influenced, blessed, and impacted for the Gospel in your faithful service for our Savior and Lord. And now we are praying that you will build some more good memories on your special day and in the days to come. And we pray that the new year in your life will give you daily glimpses of God’s abundant grace and love.

We also pray that you will continue to make the Main Thing (Your love for God) the Main Thing in your life as you continue to follow His will and plan for your life. And we know that God has some great blessings for you now and in the future.

We further pray you will have victory in your prayer and devotional life so that your prayers will be fervent, persistent, prevailing, powerful, and full of praise. This means that your walk with the Lord will grow deeper and be enriched in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

We pray that demanding schedules, as well as health concerns and burdens and challenges of different kinds will not interfere or rob you of your joy in the Lord and the fulfillment of His purposes for you in this important phase of your life. And we pray you will see victory in all you are trying to accomplish.”


Be blessed today!




27 thoughts on “Sharing My Birthday Blessing…

  1. I am REALLY late, but hope your birthday was fantastic!

    Our younger foster baby shares a birthday with you. She turned 1 this year … so grateful for the pleasure of celebrating with her this year and wondering if we will have the opportunity of sharing many more birthdays with her. One of my sons has a birthday on the 27th. This year he turned 13 on Thanksgiving Day. Pumpkin pie and birthday cake on the same day … oh, my! LOL!

    Many belated birthday prayers for a great year ahead!

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