Flash Friday – “To Be Heard”

Today’s Flash! Friday contest is kicking off the weekend with the standard 140-160 words, one sad little monkey, and the command to include a famous author.

Happy Friday, everybody!



Photo Credit: Barbary Macaque, Gibraltar. CC 2.0 photo by David Stanley.




To Be Heard


“I just wanted to be heard,” Zane whispered, leaning over the balcony.

Behind him, the lounge was buzzing with agents, reporters, and adoring fans. Everyone was dressed to the hilt for this red carpet event, and a dizzying display of hors d’oeuvres swirled about the room. Zane couldn’t close his eyes without seeing flashing camera bulbs.

This was the greatest moment of his life… so why did he feel like vomiting on his crisp Armani suit?

Zane sighed. He had made it, but his book was trash. He knew it. They knew it.

And everyone laughed.

He followed his editor like a circus monkey. Her wish was his command… smiling for the cameras and dancing… while his writing lost its soul.

She appeared beside him. “They’re comparing you to Hemingway,” she mused. “And I need you in there. Now.”

Nodding, Zane found his plastic smile.

“I just wanted to be heard,” his mind whispered, begging the world to forgive him.




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