Christian Flash Weekly – “The Wishing Well”

The beautiful Scripture prompt for this week produced several fascinating results over at Christian Flash Weekly – you should hop over and check it out!

Scripture Prompt: Song of Solomon 7:4

Your neck is as beautiful as an ivory tower.

Your eyes are like the sparkling pools in Heshbon

     by the gate of Bath-rabbim.

Your nose is as fine as the tower of Lebanon

     overlooking Damascus.

Young Girl Playing By Herself

The Wishing Well


I walked a hundred miles one day

To reach the Wishing Well

And tossing in a golden coin

I hoped to cast a spell


“I need not fame or wealth,” I said

“Or to keep from growing old…

…I only ask to be transformed

‘Til I’m a beauty to behold”


“Please take this freckled neck of mine

And make it ivory white

Take these pale grey eyes

And make them shine like diamonds – radiant, bright”


“And oh, to be rid of this crooked nose!

Which has cursed my every waking day

And to make it perfect, without flaw

To snatch beholders’ breath away”


The moment I had whispered this

I was bathed in rays of cool moonlight

I felt a change was taking place

My young heart trembled with delight!


And as the brilliance faded

I peered into the crystal pool

“Oh no!” I cried out in dismay

“How could you be so very cruel?”


For everything about me

Was just as it had been before

Not a single wish had been granted

At the threshold of this ancient door


But lo – a spark within me

Gave understanding to my heart

And I knew that the Creator

Had fashioned me – His work of art


And as I made my journey home

My soul was filled with song

This gift was greater than I’d dreamed

To know that I’ve been lovely all along.





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