Saturday Scripture – Overwhelming Blessings

Psalm 126_3.png


When we stop and reflect on the countless ways the Lord has blessed us, it leaves us with an overwhelming sense of gratitude, and our hearts overflow with joy.


Meditate on this for a moment, and consider this:


What are you most thankful for today?




7 thoughts on “Saturday Scripture – Overwhelming Blessings

  1. Sleeping in until 8am this morning!

    That even though we were out of ground coffee I was able to hammer out some of the coffee beans I was given as a gift recently.

    A Friday pizza and movie night with my son.

    Looking forward to a leisure weekend of cleaning, cooking, reading and writing.

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  2. I’m thankful for today and its promise of sunshine. I’m grateful for the wonderful NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) where I live. .In my apartment building which is inhabited by all ages there is a collection of wise and delightful older women. We have covenanted to care for each other as we age. Our goal is staying out official assisted living institutions. And we laugh a lot at aging.


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