Friday Fictioneers – “Target”

To read Part One of the “Susan Dobbs Saga” I started through the Friday Fictioneers Challenge, click here:  Part One:  “Time’s Up.”   Below is our photo prompt for this week, along with the second installment of this continuing mini-series…


Park Benches




As Ethan glanced from his watch a woman appeared on his park bench, steaming coffee in hand.

“Punctual, as always.” He handed her a file. “Napoli’s man…you’ve stirred up quite a hornet’s nest.”

The woman’s auburn hair blazed as she frowned at the file. “I’m in deep cover. How did he know my name?”

“Don’t wanna know,” Ethan said earnestly. “And neither should you. This is getting dangerous…”

Susan Dobbs stood. “They tried to kill the wrong girl, Ethan.”

“I hope –“

She crushed her cup and tossed it into the wastebasket. “Don’t worry, love. I always have a plan.”



Word Count:  100

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