Flash Friday – “Molasses”

For this week’s Flash! Friday Challenge, were were given up to 160 words, the Depression-era photograph below, and told that we could strike gold if we wove the concept of “bankruptcy” into our story.  Happy Friday!







“I’m so sick of molasses!” Rachel wailed as she sat a single pancake on the table for the four of them to devour. Her face, once pretty, was now worn and haggard. Amazing, really, how a thing like bankruptcy could age a soul.

A car door slammed out front, and the oversized headlights of Mr. Larken’s sleek black Cadillac peered through the front window.

“He’s come for the horse,” Tom moaned. The girls started sobbing, but Tom quickly shushed them.

As he trudged outside, he whispered, “You know that horse is all I have left, God…”

Larken shook Tom’s hand, then wiped it quickly with a white cloth. They walked to the barn, and Tom bared the mare’s teeth.

“What’s that black muck on her gums?” Larken demanded.

Tom’s eyes widened. “M…must be laurel poisoning, sir.”

Larken spat. “Keep it… it’s worthless.”

Tom’s eyes glistened as the Cadillac sped off. “See now?” he grinned. “Molasses ain’t all that bad.”



Photo Credit:  Title: “Mr. Hydrick, county supervisor, and Mr. Melody Tillery examining mouth and teeth of his mare, which has mule colt.” Pike County, near Tray, Alabama. Public domain photo by Marion Post Walcott.




4 thoughts on “Flash Friday – “Molasses”

  1. Terrific story! The Cadillac and Mr. Larken’s wiping his hand after shaking Tom’s are deft touches for revealing the vast difference between bankruptcy and affluence. I love the subtly of molasses saving the day.

    Liked by 1 person

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