Friday Fictioneers – “Time’s Up”



Time’s Up


Susan entered the thrift store at precisely 9:00. Friends called her obsessive, but she preferred “organized.” Susan hummed as she strolled about, putting her treasures into place.

Then she froze.   Something was wrong. The numbers to the alarm clock were jumbled. And the stone collage had been flipped, causing the centered arrow to point downward. Her eyes followed the arrow, resting on a scrawled note: “TIME’S UP, SUSAN.”

A footstep… behind her. She hefted the heavy board, noting the sharp nail protruding from the back as she swung with her usual precision.

Time was up alright… but not for Susan.


Word Count:  100

Photo Credit:  Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy






25 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – “Time’s Up”

  1. Dear John Mark, Great story and so clever. The alarm clock, with it’s falling numbers, is so whimsical but played an important part in her warning. Yea! She found the perfect weapon and that person is in for a major (or permanent) delay in his future plans.
    Great! Nan


    1. Thanks, Helen…that’s a great complement! It would be fun to try and do a continuing series with the Friday Fictioneers prompts, wouldn’t it? Who knows…maybe we’ll hear from Susan again!


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