Flash Friday – “Black and White”

For this week’s Flash! Friday competition, we were given the intriguing photo below, and 140-160 words to concoct a story about a nemesis.   The game is afoot!

Chess Game



Black and White


Maleficent rolled his eyes. “White starts first… again.”

Sterling smiled demurely. “Giving up so soon? Good always wins, you know.”

After discarding a few pawns, his opponent gripped a black knight with white knuckles – the harbinger of war. “We’ll see about that,” he snarled as he hurled the knight into place.

Sterling slumped, as if in pain, but slid the white bishop smoothly into position. “A reminder of faith ought to set things right,” he whispered.

Maleficent revealed his deadly Queen – a dark, incurable plague. The piece twisted across the board, impossible to predict.

Brow creased, Sterling brought his two rooks – the mighty bastions of kindness and goodwill – into the fray.

“Two can play at that game,” Maleficent spat. He conjured his two stained bishops. Lust. Bloodshed. “Check,” he murmured with a sinister grin.

Sighing with relief, Sterling shifted his King – its white cross gleaming in the light.





Photo Credit: “Georgian writers Ilia Chavchavadze and Ivane Machabeli playing chess, 1873 St Petersburg.” Public Domain Photo.





9 thoughts on “Flash Friday – “Black and White”

  1. .I don’t play chess and know little about the game. However, I picked up on the black and white battle – good vs. evil. You’ve created a lot of tension in few words. Good job.


  2. Your writing is excellent in these short compact pieces. You prune things to the essentials and your points hit your thought target. Beautiful and true words and images express your joy in writing and your deep faith.


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