My First 500 Followers (and the Kinkos Guy Who Inspired Me to Keep Writing)

500 Follows Trophy


I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine-o’-clock every morning.”

Peter de Vries


“Being a real writer means being able to do the work on a bad day.”

Norman Mailer



A Delicious Surprise!

This weekend presented me with a delicious surprise…I’ve officially gained my first 500 followers here at The Artistic Christian! When I started this venture back in January I prayed that there would at least be a handful of people who found the site interesting, and how encouraging it is now to reach this milestone!

This discovery made for an uplifting weekend, and you know what? I’m starting to feel like a real writer.

Along with doing a happy dance and waking my kids up by cheering (both of which were totally necessary, mind you)… seeing this WordPress Trophy also caused me to reflect back on my writing journey.


The “Kinkos Guy”

After finishing my first novel, I remember feeling extremely nervous about submitting it to a writing contest. I took the manuscript to a local Kinkos store to have it spiral bound, and the employee’s eyes widened as he saw what I was handing him.

“Is this you?” he asked, pointing to my name on the cover.

“Yeah,” I said, turning a little red. “But it’s no big deal. I’m not a real writer, or anything. I’m just entering this contest…”

But the man cut me off. “Hey, let me tell you something,” he said. “You just wrote a book, and it looks pretty good, too. I would read it, and a lot of other people probably will too. You are a real writer, and don’t you forget it!”

His words truly warmed me, and when I picked up the manuscript I realized that he had added a clear, glossy cover free of charge. The manuscript had turned out looking… well… like a real book!

I don’t remember the name of the “Kinkos Guy,” but I’ll never forget his words.


Celebrating 500 Writing Companions!

And now, you all have encouraged me just as much! Thank you all for supporting me by hitting that “Follow” button, and for encouraging me each step of the way through your friendly and insightful comments! I started out looking for a way to share my thoughts, and ended up finding an entire community of good friends. You have no idea how much I appreciate you all!

Have a blessed Monday!


22 thoughts on “My First 500 Followers (and the Kinkos Guy Who Inspired Me to Keep Writing)

  1. Yay! What’s your book about? I am just getting started on a book now. I spent weeks and months working on a novel 7 years ago before getting side tracked by graduate school, never to begin writing on it again. Yet anyway. The book that has been on my heart to write is on single parenting. I am in the process of interviewing friends now to get some other people perspective.


    1. I definitely understand what it’s like to give up on a project! I wrote a Young Adult Fantasy novel based on the bedtime stories I used to tell my youngest sister. It’s a story about a young boy who grows up as a misfit, but begins a quest to protect a Lady as she fights to take back the Isle which was forcefully snatched from her family. It ended up winning 1st Place in a fantasy fiction contest, but this was a new start-up publishing company and they went bankrupt before they ever got around to publishing my novel. I ended up getting discouraged and I never did submit the manuscript to any other publishing companies… so now it is sitting in a drawer at home! One day I might gather the courage to blow the dust off of it and start editing it again…but like you, graduate school and parenting sort of got in the way.

      Your book sounds intriguing… best of luck to you!


    1. Thanks for your encouraging words, Andy! I love your blog as well… isn’t it amazing how we are able to encourage other believers from across the globe just by hitting that “Publish” button? How far we’ve come!


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