Facing My Fear of Clowns at Flash! Friday

Okay readers, I have had to face my fears today!  You all know that I have a deathly fear of clowns (probably because they’re nothing but pure evil)…  So imagine my shock when I logged onto the computer this morning and discovered that today’s Flash! Friday competition involved… you got it… CLOWNS!

We were given 140-160 words, the instruction to include a surgery in our tale, and the hideous clown photo below. 

Here we go (and I sure hope this Friday gets better)!

Clowns Visit Sick Boy

Circus clowns visit sick boy. CC photo Boston Public Library.





“The operation was unsuccessful,” the doctor said wearily, but this was no surprise to Veronica. Her grandfather’s ashen face had made it obvious that he was dying.

Last night she and Grandpa Hal had shared one final cup of coffee together – one final laugh.   Now her eyes brimmed with tears, and the combination of exhaustion and grief had made her dizzy.

“This will keep him comfortable,” a hospice nurse said gently as she administered a clear drug. “He may hallucinate.”

And boy, did he. Within minutes Hal was clapping his hands and squealing like a child. “Clowns, clowns!” he shouted.

His voice grew tiny. “Mom? Dad?   What are you doing here? What’s so funny?”

Then the old man sobbed.

“You’re all dead, and it’s my fault,” he wailed. “Sorry… about the poison!”

Veronica felt cold… dizzy. Then Hal’s eyes locked on hers, cold and venomous.

“Sorry,” he said casually.

And as Grandpa Hal laughed merrily, Veronica fell into blackness.

4 thoughts on “Facing My Fear of Clowns at Flash! Friday

    1. Ha! Thanks, Anabel – I love this comment! Something about clowns has never seemed quite right to me, and always sets my imagination down a dark path… I guess you all got to experience the results! Thanks for stopping by!


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