Film Review – “Moms’ Night Out”

Moms Night Out


We might as well face it – nobody enjoys parenting all the time.

It’s one of those “big secrets” we learn as we grow into adulthood. We spend years pining away for that cuddly little bundle of love, then find ourselves more exhausted than we thought was humanly possible and aching in muscles we didn’t even know we had as our precious little “Chucky” screams their lungs out from the room next door! At times it really can feel like life’s pulled a fast one on us!

But – if we can manage to hold on through the storm, those golden moments really do shine down on us from time to time, reminding us of how lucky we are, and why it’s all worth it

That, my friends, is the frantic roller coaster ride they call Parenting. And if you’re looking for a film that captures this entire experience – the good, the scary, and the bone-rattling exhaustion – look no further than the 2014 movie release, Moms’ Night Out!

The film tells the story of three overworked, overstressed, and overwhelmed mothers who decide to take one night – just one night – to themselves. And, naturally, utter chaos ensues.

Now, don’t worry men – this is not just a chick flick! My wife and I rented this from Redbox the other night, and both of us laughed so loud we ended up waking up our two-year-old. But never fear – the movie was so hilarious that we were able to tune out his senseless tantrum and keep on laughing the night away!

Every film that Andrew and Jon Erwin have directed seems better than the last. This team of brothers brought us Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous, and now this. Each film ends up blowing me away with its relatable characters, engaging plot, and overall quality.

And Moms’ Night Out is no different. The lead role, played by Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy, Radio) is completely believable as an obsessive-compulsive mother, and Sean Astin (Rudy, Lord of the Rings) nails the part of the husband who’s determined to convince his wife that he has this parenting thing under control, even though he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing! My favorite actress from the film, though, was Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond) who plays the part of the local pastor’s wife. She captures it all – the pressure for those in ministry to seem perfect, the stress of raising a teenage daughter, the frustrations of caring for an entire congregation, the isolation that comes from living in the spotlight – and she wears it well.   You don’t want to miss these performances!

But above all, I love the brutal honesty of the film. It doesn’t sugar-coat the parenting experience or try to make it look easy, and it doesn’t place the blame on either sex. Instead, it shows parenting for what it really is: a bunch of regular, everyday people who are clinging on for dear life and doing their best to figure the whole thing ou

So yes, parenting is hard. But it is also the most important work of our lives, and the most beautiful investment of our time.

And movies like this one certainly help to make the journey a little bit more fun.


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13 thoughts on “Film Review – “Moms’ Night Out”

  1. My friend and I took an afternoon when it was in the theater and went to watch. We Laughed. We CRIED!!! Then we laughed till the tears ran!! I totally agree with your review. It is a movie I highly recommend and we are planning on doing a “Mom’s night IN” to watch this movie at our church sometime soon!! And thank you for telling me where I have seen the husband before- we are Lord of the Rings fans and yet, I couldn’t recall where I had seen him before!! It was Sam!!


  2. I haven’t seen it, but I want to after reading your review and some of the comments. I love funny movies! I don’t like to be “entertained” by movies that scare the wits out of me, make me sad or reduce me to tears, or disgust or upset me in some way. There is enough of that kind of stuff in the world without having to watch it – or pay $ for it – in the name of entertainment. Everyone needs a good laugh, and Moms’ Night Out seems just the movie to provide some humor. Thanks for the review.


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