Christian Flash Weekly – “Paradise”

This week at Christian Flash Weekly we were given 300-400 words and the “revealing” Scripture prompt below.  There were some great entries this week!


“He stepped forward and took the scroll from the right hand of the one sitting on the throne.”

Revelation 5:7



California Poppies and Gazanias





Indescribable beauty was tangible in this place. I felt it as the radiant sun dripped its rich, golden light over the world like honey. I heard it as the morning breeze tousled my hair while whispering a fresh, new song. I saw it in the field of bright yellow blossoms, each one handcrafted to perfection, stretching as far as the eye could see. Everywhere I turned I was overwhelmed by pure, unadulterated beauty.

And before I knew what was happening, I started to weep.

“Shhh,” a warm, musical voice said ever so gently. “Fear not, Little One.”

As He took my hand, my tears slipped quietly into oblivion – completely forgotten. I glanced up in astonishment , gazing into His deep brown eyes for a long moment.

“Remember to breathe, my son,” He laughed merrily. And I found myself laughing with Him, soaking in the golden warmth of the moment.

A shadow crossed overhead. I began to tremble, then, though the creature which glided gracefully through the air wasn’t monstrous at all. Instead, he was tall and powerful, covered in wings which gleamed with brilliant splendor, each feather twinkling like a precious gemstone. Without a sound, the creature soared to the ground. “Perfectly beautiful,” I thought as the creature frowned down at me.

Beside me, my Friend stood slowly. “You have no place here,” he stated simply.

The creature smiled, motioning toward me. “Oh, I beg to differ,” he said with the voice of a singing serpent. “You have allowed imperfection into this place, which – as we both know – cannot be. I’ve come to take this worm with me.”

I froze, but my Friend stepped between us. “He belongs to Me.”

The creature laughed. “Need I remind you of the terrible things he has done? Of the detestable thoughts that plagued his mind?”

The voice of my Friend took a strong edge. He took a golden scroll from the folds of His robe, unfastening its glimmering seal. “I have his name here. Need I remind you of the price I paid for him?”

The creature glanced at the scroll, flinching as if he’d been scorched. Then he bowed his head reverently. “My apologies…”

He spread his wings and sailed into the golden horizon, toward a distant darkness that I hadn’t seen before. Then, as quickly as it appeared, the darkness vanished.

“Come,” my Friend smiled. “We have much to talk about.”




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