Christian Flash Weekly Grand Champion

Grand Champion Badge


I was excited to discover this morning that I was named the Grand Champion of this week’s Christian Flash Weekly contest!  For anyone who enjoys writing inspirational fiction – this contest is for you!

To read my winning story, “A Father’s Truth,” click here.

Here are the comments from this week’s judge, Alissa Leonard, about my winning story.  Alissa is an award-winning author herself, and does a great job of giving detailed and helpful feedback!

John – Your last line hits hard. Very well done. I thought I was being overly generous with the 1,000 word limit, and you could’ve used a few more and I wouldn’t have noticed. I loved your interpretation of the prompt – forcing truth and confrontation. Truth never seems to go the way we expect though. We delude ourselves constantly into believing our own version of reality. I loved how he readily believed what confirmed his suspicions, then questioned and doubted what went against them, and finally rejected the ultimate truth completely. The progression was well done. I loved how your interpretation of the question in the prompt made me think. Truth that cuts like a knife: What good is it when there are no ears to hear? Everyone has that choice, and so many choose to reject it. Too many. Shackled with ‘the sins of the fathers’ and hopelessness. We need to continue to speak because truth is the only thing that will set them free.


Grand Champion – John – The arc of your story was nicely laid out, and that last line was brilliant. I feel like your interpretation of the prompt fit the prevailing mood of Job in the verse: the frustration and despair, while leaving room for hope. Because we know it is only the speaking of truth that can set a person free, and that truth can work into a person’s heart to begin a change. Great job.


Thanks again to Charles W. Short for organizing these weekly contests, and maybe I’ll see a few more of my fellow writers in the next round!

4 thoughts on “Christian Flash Weekly Grand Champion

  1. Congratulations!!! I for one, agree. I have enjoyed every one of the stories you have written and am always left wanting more!! Well done!!


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