Sending God Back to School With Your Children…

First Day of School


The “Back to School” season is in full swing! Grocery stores are packed to the brim with school supplies, students are arming themselves with new clothes, new backpacks, and new hairstyles, and next week most of them will be back in the classroom.

I still remember my first day of Kindergarten like it was yesterday. My parents took pictures of me beaming with my new backpack, and cried as they dropped me off. When I got home, my mom was so excited to hear about my first day, but after experiencing my first full day of school activities all I wanted to do was hide in my room and rest!

We all have our own Back to School rituals and traditions, I’m sure. But this Back to School Season, ask yourself this question:


Have I prayed over my student this year?


I mean out loud, with the family, praying for God’s wisdom and protection throughout the school year. If not, I believe it’s something to consider. Here’s why I believe that sending God back to school with our children is more important now than ever before:

  1. School Culture Takes an Emotional Toll: I taught for four years in an inner-city, Title I school, and one memory is forever burned into my mind. A sweet 6th grade Hispanic girl arrived in a frilly dress and adorable red ribbons in her hair, so happy about starting Middle School. But by lunchtime on that first day, I found her sitting on the Cafeteria floor with tears rolling down her cheeks. Kids can be cruel to each other, certain academic subjects can feel overwhelming, and new social expectations can catch students off guard. Have you prayed for emotional and spiritual protection for your student?
  1. School Culture Takes a Mental Toll: School is designed to train our children how to think, and they pick up on the good as well as the bad. Our students will have their beliefs about God challenged in the classroom, will come across ideas and philosophies they have never heard of, and will befriend classmates with worldviews that are dramatically different from their own. This can be a good thing, and our children may just influence their teachers and classmates for Christ. But they also run the risk of being influenced, and beginning to doubt the things we have taught them. Have you prayed for moral and intellectual protection for your student?
  1. School Culture Takes a Physical Toll: Jumping into a full school schedule will leave most students feeling drained and exhausted after each day. Not only that, but schools with gang activity or active bullying puts students at risk of physical beatings (or at least the threat of one). I’ve had fights break out in my middle school classroom, and had one quiet and timid little boy named Max tell me with tear-filled eyes that another student broke his arm because his voice sounded like a girl’s. Have you prayed for physical protection for your student?



The Good News


My point is not to scare parents or give them a panic attack. I simply think that we need to remember that school days have changed quite a bit since the nostalgic days depicted in a Norman Rockwell painting.

But here’s the good news. If we pray for God’s guidance and protection over our students, He will go with them.

Let the following verse encourage you as you prepare your own students for their first day of school:


“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9




Picture Credit:  “His First Day of School,” by Norman Rockwell.  Painted for the Saturday Evening Post.




16 thoughts on “Sending God Back to School With Your Children…

  1. Awesome encouragement! And so true – we MUST continue to lead our children toward the Lord so they can carry Him with them everywhere they go. I pray with my son every morning on the way to school – so he will know how to turn to God. Thank you!


      1. Um, I can’t either!

        But seriously, let’s just say it goes by at lightning speeds! You hear people say that but one minute you blink and then they are no longer your “babies.” B Blessed, John. You and your family.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is s important and true. I read a devotion written by a friend of mine. She used the example of Moses holding up a staff during a battle. As long as his hands were raised Israel would win, but if his hands dropped the enemy would begin to prevail. She used this as an example of prayer coverage for our children. As long as we prayed the enemy would lose but if we let our guard down just a bit the enemy would take advantage and prevail. That made a huge impression on me. I want to encourage all parents, grandparents and family members to cover their children in prayer this school year.


    1. What a powerful illustration – I’m glad you shared it with the rest of us! It’s easy to let life slip by without taking time for daily prayer, but in the spiritual battles our children face each day it really is essential that we do make time.

      Thanks for joining the conversation!


  3. This is great and badly needed. I was listening to someone on Christian radio the other day and was very disappointed to hear what they had to say about back to school stuff. This post is right on with real godly instruction and great reminders for us as parents. Thank you for the holy spirit inspired post and I will be praying these things over my children!


  4. Very inspired post … and even though I am a homeschooling mother, it speaks volumes to me! Thank you for the encouragement to remember the importance of praying over our children in all areas of their lives, including their education and schooling.


    1. Absolutely… I was a homeschool student, too, and was fortunate to not be in such a trying environment each day, but that doesn’t mean temptation didn’t find me from time to time! Your children are blessed to have you praying over them…

      I hope you all have a wonderful school year!

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  5. I’m a grandparent now and having experienced kindergarten through college, our grandkiddos aren’t the only ones we must pray for. We pray for the parents of our grandchildren as well as those who teach, administrate, transport … and the list goes on… the children.

    My husband and I learned first hand that the school room is Satan’s battle ground. And this is a battle we must not lose. The skirmishes are the same today as thirty years ago, with just a different name. Parents can no longer rely on the school system to monitor the variables, parents must take an active role in the administration of what is taught. What is right and what is wrong.

    Parents, God will give you discernment and strength if you ask. Our children are our future. Guard them carefully. Each child is a gift from God to all of us. Yes, “…be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid.”

    DiAne Gates


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