Christian Flash Weekly – “Ready”

I’m judging this week’s Christian Flash Weekly contest, so my story is ineligible to win.  However, the prompt was such a good one that I had to submit a judges’ entry anyway, just for grins!

This Week’s Scripture Prompt:

“And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.”

– Matthew 25:2

This Week’s Word Limit:

387-413 words


Photo Credit:  “HolzfeuerFlussbett” by Túrelio – Creative Commons




“Six left,” Rachelle’s mind staggered at the thought as her heart raced wildly. “Only six of us left…”

Everyone else was dead.

What had begun as a romantic getaway for five couples on a secluded tropical island had become a waking nightmare as they awoke one morning to find the riverboat in flames, leaving them hopelessly stranded. Most of the food had been on the ship, and they were soon flung into a desperate fight to survive. Just when they had found fresh water and were beginning to feel encouraged, it began.

The killings.

They always happened at night, while everyone was asleep. As darkness crept over the island, so did the deliverer of death. The murders had no rhyme or reason – no discernible pattern.

Katie had gone to the river for a midnight drink and had drowned.

They had found Walter lying peacefully in his bed, a bright red bullet wound glaring from his forehead.

Tim had gone hunting and taken a knife to the back, and Charlotte had been pushed from the top of a ledge while gazing at the sunset.

So it had gone. And now there were six.

“Always be ready,” they had begun to remind each other constantly. “Always.”

Rachelle’s breath quickened as she heard a twig snap behind her. In the still of midnight, such a sound was deafening. Her campfire had died down, and she willed her eyes to stay closed and her breathing to remain steady as she clutched the steel trigger beneath her pillow.

Seconds later, someone grabbed her shoulder and she thrust her elbow into his face sharply, rolling to her knees and aiming her weapon.

At Charles. The sweet, grandfather figure of the group who had mourned when his wife, Charlotte, had met her demise.

“Don’t move,” Rachelle hissed. “Or I’ll shoot.”

Charles grinned, looking devilish in the fire’s weird glow. “You’re all alone, Rachelle. Should have listened to the rules.”

Rachelle cocked her weapon. “But I’m ready, Charles.”

The old man cackled. “So naïve,” he sneered. “Just like your four pathetic little friends. Did you really think I would have left any of the guns on this island loaded?”

Rachelle’s lip twitched slightly. “Then it’s a good thing this isn’t a gun, Charles.”

She raised the flare gun and fired, lighting up the sky with dazzling brilliance.

Seconds later, the remaining survivors were on the scene and Charles was quickly overpowered.

“Always be ready, Charles,” Rachelle said evenly. “Always.”



Inspirational Thought:


If you’re asking yourself, what was he thinking when he wrote this?  Well, let me give you a tiny peek into my thoughts!   I think it’s safe to say that if a cold-blooded killer was after any of us, that we would exercise extreme caution and would be doubly sure that we were ready when the time came for that showdown.

However, the end of time as we know it is coming swiftly, where we will face our own final judgment:

For you know quite well that the day of the Lord’s return will come unexpectedly, like a thief in the night.” – I Thessalonians 5:2

Have you made your preparations for this meeting?

Are you ready?


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