Flash Friday Fiction – “Forgotten Gate”

For this week’s Flash! Friday Challenge, we were given 140-160 words, the thought-provoking photo below, and were commanded to incorporate the idea of Freedom.

Here goes!


Berlijn Plantation, Commewijne, Suriname. Public domain photo by Brokopondo.

Forgotten Gate


“God will deliver us,” Mama murmured, a salty tear streaking down her bruised cheek. She was washing the fresh wounds on my back, and her washcloth was drenched with my blood.

I wept bitterly. “God hates us,” I thought. Why else would He allow us to be slaves in England? To be sold to this godforsaken plantation outside Paramaribo? To pass through Dog’s Gate?

“Walk through here and you’re no longer human,” the slavemasters had sneered. “Get in there, dogs!”

A glorious crack of lightning snapped me from my thoughts, and Mama’s eyes widened. Soon the entire plantation was engulfed in bright flames, and we were sprinting through the woods.

We laughed all the way to the River Surinam, halting at Dog’s Gate. Bitter memories poisoned our laughter, and I had the sudden urge to walk through. But there was no need.

Deliverance had come swiftly, and we were free already.


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