Christian Flash Weekly – “Finding Harmony”

We had a really interesting Scripture prompt for this week’s Christian Flash Weekly contest. Just take a look below – it’s a doozy! (That, and we were given only 250 words… whew!)

Scripture Prompt:


“Their possessions were too great for them to remain together; the land where they were staying could not support them both because of their livestock.”

Genesis 36:7

But it turned out to be a fun challenge. Here’s my submission:



Finding Harmony


The shuttle door swooshed open, and Lan stepped onto Earth’s soil for the first time. Sweet air filled his lungs, and for a moment he lifted his face toward the sun’s intoxicating glow.

Then he drew his hood tight and scurried away. His pale skin would draw serious attention. He had put his people in grave danger by coming here.

According to legend, the sun’s increasing temperatures had rendered many of Earth’s continents uninhabitable. The increasing population forged a blood oath. The Offworlders were free to explore the endless possibilities of space, on one condition: they were never to set foot on Earth again. To do so would be an act of war.

Lan’s pulse spiked as he saw three men rushing toward him. His steps quickened, until a young woman rushed to his side and took his arm tightly.

“My name is Harmony,” she whispered. “Talk casually and come this way.”

The men slowed, and soon they were safe behind locked doors.

She had just risked her life, and they both knew it.

“Radiation has contaminated our labs,” Lan explained. “My people need food.”

Harmony motioned toward a telecommunications monitor. “Can you repair this?”

Lan nodded.

“Then we need each other. Fix our machines, and I’ll give you food.”

“They’ll kill us…” Lan began, but clasped her hands in his, eyes bright.

It was time to write a legend of their own.



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