Flash! Friday Fiction – “Family Honor”

Today’s Flash! Friday Challenge was to concoct a story based on the historical photo below and incorporate the theme of friendship (or, in my case, the loss of it).  Can it really be Friday already?


“Hamilton-Burr Duel, After the Painting by J. Mund.” Illustration from Beacon Lights of History, by John Lord, 1902. Public Domain Image.


Family Honor


“P-please, Father,” Philip’s lips quivered violently, slurring his speech. “I cannot do this.”

Hamilton took his son’s trembling fingers and wrapped them around a dueling pistol. “You will not dishonor our family, boy.”

Philip’s eyes doubled in size. Seconds later, those same wide eyes stared lifelessly at Hamilton as he cradled his bleeding son.

And he knew. This pale, marble stare would forever haunt him.


You will not dishonor us, Father…

Hamilton’s fingers shook with such abandon that he nearly dropped his pistol. The countdown began, and he willed his quaking foot to move forward.


You will not dishonor me.


Hamilton whirled, letting out a bloodcurdling scream as Philip’s gaping stare filled the sky!

“Mercy!” he shouted, firing wildly into the pale, marble clouds.

Hamilton’s opponent watched incredulously. With a surge of compassion, he aimed for the ground. But at the last instant, an unseen but tenacious grip hoisted the pistol.

Hamilton gasped.

So this was honor.


5 thoughts on “Flash! Friday Fiction – “Family Honor”

  1. The most gripping short, short fiction I’ve ever read! 🙂 You’re writing inspire me to practice creative writing. I’ve been getting out my little “the Pocket Muse” book that has inspirations and tips for creative writing to practice again. It’s been months since I’ve done it. Thanks!! Blessings in Christ!


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