Resting in Worship

Oconee Station Falls

This past Sunday we invited two guest musicians to lead our congregation in a time of acoustic worship as part of our 5th Sunday Sing. As a worship leader, having someone else come and take the lead for even just one service is such a rejuvenating experience… it allows me to really rest throughout the worship time and meditate on the songs with my whole heart and mind. If you’re involved in church music, be sure to take these times of rest from time to time – they make all the difference in the world!

One of the musicians playing for us was a young lady who had been given the opportunity to lead worship in the Middle East. She compared our small congregation to the small groups of believers she had met overseas, and said, “I love praising God in small groups like this. It reminds me that there are groups of believers all over the world doing exactly what we’re doing now – singing the same songs and praising the same God. You’re not alone, but are connected to your brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe.”

What an encouragement this was! I was absolutely inspired by the thought that each time we sing a praise song with a small group at church, our family, or by ourselves in the car, our voice is joined with the millions of other believers that are also praising the Lord at any given moment. What a powerful thought, and won’t it be wonderful when we reach Heaven and are finally able to hear not only our small part, but the entire chorus of believers?

This young lady also sang a song by Audrey Assad called Restless that I immediately fell in love with. If you haven’t heard it, here’s a video for you:

Restless – by Audrey Assad

A restless spirit tends to run in my family. While growing up, whenever my dad started growing restless my mom would joke that it must be time to move (and we usually did pack up and move about every five years). As I grew up and entered the ministry, I often felt my own spirit growing restless from time to time. During college I remember this restless feeling in my heart, and the way I would seek refuge by heading outside to read my Bible and pray while letting the sunlight bathe me in warmth and feeling the breeze whisper across my face. God always met me during those moments, and eased my restless spirit, replacing it with a deep sense of peace and assurance.

Now that I’m older, it’s more difficult to find time to head outside and listen for the Lord’s still, small voice. But I think it’s more important than ever. I still grow restless from time to time, but was reminded this Sunday that the answer is to seek the Lord, to spend time with Him, and to allow my heart to rest in Him.

Have you rested in His arms lately?


“Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”

-Matthew 11:28

12 thoughts on “Resting in Worship

  1. Ahh…yes, our time of worship at church tonight was exactly that place of resting in the presence of the Lord. Getting lost in Him, completely at peace in his love. Heaven on earth. Thank you for sharing the song. I hadn’t heard it before. I really like it. Enough to go grab my guitar and try it 🙂


  2. “it’s more difficult to find time to head outside and listen for the Lord’s still, small voice. But I think it’s more important than ever.” Even opening a window and listening for a breeze rustle through the leaves, or a birdcall in the morning lets me hear Him daily. It’s vital to survival. Great post.


  3. What a wonderful post! I love the idea that there are small groups all throughout the world, and throughout the ages, that meet and worship the Lord. It makes me value my small group so much more. Really loved what you had to say here. Thanks!!


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