Flash Friday Fiction – “To Tame a Wild Thing”

Today’s Flash! Friday Challenge was to use 140-160 words to craft a tale based on the historic painting below, and to also include a woman in the story.  Happy July 4th, everyone!



To Tame a Wild Thing

John was excitedly reading aloud  the Declaration he had signed that very morning when he stopped abruptly. “Crouching Panther, are you listening?”

He loved using my English name, often joking that he had come to the New World and “tamed a panther.” That, and his fat tongue could never pronounce my Sioux name.

My sorrow was impossible to hide. “This means freedom for your people, John,” I said softly. “Not for mine.”

At that, his eyes gleamed and he actually smiled. It made me shiver.

A grand celebration had begun outside, and victorious rifle blasts filled the air. Taking a breath, I pulled John’s rifle from the shelf and aimed.

He froze. “What -?”

My hand was steady. “Your patriots should understand that it is not easy to tame a wild thing.”

Realization struck his face, and I fired a freedom shot of my own.


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