Throwback Thursday – Escape to New York!

John Mark with T-Rex

I don’t know which is scarier… the T-Rex or my former hair style!  :Ob


Just a few short years ago, I surprised my wife with a last-minute weekend getaway to New York for our anniversary. It felt so adventurous to just throw some clothes in a backpack, hop on a plane, and go see the sights!

We’re a little older now, and with two kids running around we can’t leap into these spontaneous adventures quite as easily. But we’re still madly in love, and still find ways to seek adventure in each day.

Have a great July 4th everyone! Life is a wonderful thing… live it to the fullest!


“Above all, love each other deeply…”

I Peter 4:8

Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty wouldn’t quit spying on us… our goal was to make her insanely jealous!  Happy 4th, everybody!




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