Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Facebook Posts Visible


Does it feel like your Facebook posts have gone invisible? Have you sat at your computer in utter shock after advertising a blog post on Facebook and finding that it has received zero attention from your friends and acquaintances? If you can relate to this, then take a nice, deep breath. No, you are not crazy. And no, it’s not that your family and friends detest your writing.

If you have the nagging feeling that your Facebook posts have become invisible, it’s probably because they have!

That’s right. The average user has 200-300 Facebook friends at least, and there is absolutely no way your Facebook newsfeed can show you the hundreds upon hundreds of posts that all of your friends generate in a given day. So Facebook has designed a formula which helps them guide users to the posts they think they’ll be more interested in. The posts which head to the top of one’s newsfeed are: 1.) Posts by people you’ve interacted with recently, 2.) Posts which are experiencing a lot of activity, and 3.) Posts which feature pictures – because let’s face it, most people create Facebook accounts for the pictures!

Now think about the typical post which shares a link to your blog. It probably doesn’t include a personal photo (the photo attached to your link doesn’t count), and if people haven’t had a reason to visit your site in a while, then your post will be buried under hundreds of other messages. In other words: you’ve just created an invisible post. So you see, it’s not that your friends and family don’t want to support you and your work… it’s more likely that they simply aren’t seeing it.

What’s an aspiring writer to do? Here are a few quick and easy ways to make your Facebook posts more effective (and visible):

  • Share Personal Quotes and/or Photos Often: This is, after all, why most people log onto Facebook. These type of posts will generate activity and draw people to your wall, and once they’ve visited they are more likely to see the next link you share.
  • Time Your Posts Wisely – Don’t feel like you have to post a link to a blog article the same day you publish it! Hold on to those really good blog articles until you strike a gold mine with a funny quip or cute dog picture that generates a flurry of Facebook activity, and then post the link to your article. More people are likely to see it, and this lets you present your best work to the maximum number of readers… striking while the iron is hot.
  • Include Personal Photos and Stories – This is what makes the Facebook world go ‘round! Even when sharing a link to your blog or artwork, share a personal photo or story in the same post as a way of introducing the article. More people are likely to see it, and a lot more people are likely to click that link. For example, I once posted a book review, but introduced it on Facebook with a brief memory of how my father had encouraged me to take pride in my writing. This was much more effective than my typical “link share” on Facebook.

If you play your cards right, you can make the Facebook system work for you. So the next time you post a link and hear electronic crickets chirping, don’t be rash and delete your account or publish a long, angry rant.

Post smart. Post visibly.


Insecure Writers Badge  This post was designed for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, a fellowship of writers who agree to encourage one another by sharing writing tips and encouraging posts for writers on the First Wednesday of every month.


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24 thoughts on “Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Facebook Posts Visible

  1. This is a double bonus post: great image & really useful content! Where’d you get that image??? Please tell me you have a free source for great graphics 😉
    Also, glad to know that another Christian finds value in trying to use Social Media to spread the word. I almost stopped posting my blog to my FB because I didn’t want to be ‘spammy’, but when I asked the question I got lots of encouraging responses from friends who said they read it and would miss it if I didn’t cross post.
    Do you post your blog to Twitter or other SM?


    1. Kelly,

      Thanks for your feedback! First, this particular image was not a free image (if you read the small print at the very bottom of my post, you’ll find the photo credit with a link to the artist’s page.) Since I use images with every post, though, I’m always on the lookout for free images I can use. I’ll often use regular clip art and enhance it with Photoshop, and you can find some great links to sites that offer royalty-free images here:

      Also, I get a lot of free graphics on This is a website that charges for each picture download, but once a week they offer a “Free Photo of the Week.” This is my favorite way to snag high quality images free of charge!

      To answer your other question – yes, I post a link to every blog article on Twitter (I’ve found that I get better results on Twitter than I do on Facebook). As for Facebook, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve considered never sharing a blog post there again! But like you, friends have asked me to keep sharing. I don’t share every blog article on Facebook any more, however (it was too depressing). Like I said in the article, I’m learning to just put my favorites on Facebook and to time it right to maximize my response.

      Have you found any other social media sites that have been effective for this kind of thing?


  2. I typically post photos of my kids and funny things my daughter says throughout the week. When I do put up a link I always post my own introduction to it; hopefully something to intrigue the viewer to want to read more. Both of these things seem to help me, generating many Facebook views.


    1. That’s great advice, and those are the kind of posts that thrive on Facebook! I’ve learned to always advertise posts that have something to do with my family or my personal life on Facebook… they always get the best response. Thanks for sharing your tip with the rest of us!


  3. Thanks for such great advice. That explains why people kept telling me “I didn’t see the link.” I have found that posting after midnight when there is less activity will put my link at the top of most friends feeds the next morning. Peace!


  4. Good advice. I’ve noticed that friends on FB like personal photos best.
    I’ve been awarded a Liebster award, I’ve noticed you have one, but mine looks different, it’s pink. I was wondering if you’d mind being nominated, or if one Liebster is enough! Let me know what you think. 🙂


    1. Thanks for thinking of me, Lucia! I don’t mind being nominated again if you’re trying to reach your goal. I’ll be glad to give you a pingback, but I don’t think I’ll go through the whole acceptance speech thing again (those awards are a lot of work!) Have a good evening! :O)


  5. Great information! I’ve often wondered about this (are my FB friends just sick and tired of my posts?), but now I understand!

    Looking forward to trying out some of this advice! Thanks!


  6. Great info. Question for you … On my last post, I had put a picture on it and then posted to Facebook … But before I finalized it, I decided the picture really wasn’t the right hook. So I took it off. And when I re-copied the link – it did not grab my “standard” photo. My family was heading out the door, so I just posted it without it. Very little traffic via fb. I’ve been considering finding a photo that really is good for it, updating the post and reposting to fb with a status that includes my flub. Would you do that or leave it alone?


    1. I’ve had problems with this in the past… Facebook is trying to stop spammers who post the same thing over and over, so once you enter a link once and delete it, it won’t grab your graphics if you try to enter the link again. The only way I found around this is to enter a different link for the same article (if you used the WordPress Shortlink the first time, use the longer link the second time). This way Facebook will think of it as a different link and will pick up the graphics again. As for reposting the same article, if I did that I would hide the first one for my timeline. I don’t want my readers to think I’m just posting leftovers… so make the new post feel like the first time! Best of luck to you!


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