Flash Points: John Mark Miller

My flash fiction piece was selected by Flash! Friday for this week’s “Flash Points,” where one story is closely examined to help all of us improve our flash writing skills. It was so humbling to have my story dissected line by line, but Rebekah Postupak did an amazing job (as always)… thanks for selecting my piece, Flash Friday!

Flash! Friday


Welcome to Flash Points, a totally un-terrifying feature in which a fabulous story from the most recent round of Flash! Friday gets surgicalized. In other words, we stare at it long and hard to see which of us blinks first.

Prompt: Nuclear winter recon

Word limit:  140 – 160 words

Today’s chosen flash piece:  We Wereby John Mark Miller

Captain’s Log: 3065 AD

The Intrepid IX arrived on the planetoid called Pluto three months ago. Only eight survived the 32-year space voyage, and upon arriving we discovered that just as we feared, the sun has gone supernova. Nobody on Earth could survive such broiling heat.

We wear thermal suits and weighted boots to protect us from the extreme cold (375 degrees below zero) and the weak gravitational pull. We thought the suits would also protect us from space radiation. Then our hair started falling out.

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