Flash Friday Fiction – “A Royal Wish”

For today’s Flash! Friday Challenge, we were given 140-160 words, the picture below, and the royal command to include the concept of arrogance.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Queen Pic

“New crowns for old ones!” –Benjamin Disraeli presents Queen Victoria the crown of India. Punch, 1876, by cartoonist John Tenniel.

A Royal Wish

I wish to be queen.

The words haunted Catherine as hollow eyes returned her gaze in the mirror.  She touched her face, once gaunt with hunger, now haggard from years of heavy responsibility. Slowly, she began to lift the crown to her head.

This should have been my deliverance, she thought, but it has become an insufferable burden.

“You look tired, Your Majesty” a familiar voice hissed behind her. “A bigger crown, perhaps?”

The Arabian accent was unmistakable. Catherine lifted her nose in an effort to hide her terror. “That won’t be necessary.”

He slithered across the room. “You could try again, you know. You’ve one last wish.”

Cold dread struck her heart. “I wish…”

“Yes?” his eyes were bulging in anticipation.

Her voice was regal and wise. “I wish for you to learn the very lessons you’ve taught me.”

He gaped, speechless.

In a whisp of magic, he was wearing the heavy crown.

Catherine smiled. “Long live the King.”


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