The Crying Kind…

Twin Babies in Diapers

“Oh, I’m just not the crying kind.”   Famous last words.

I used to try and convince my wife that I’m not the typical “dramatic musician” who wears his emotion on his sleeve, but I’ve since given up the charade. What can I say? I’m a sentimental person, and everybody knows it.

But even after coming to this incredible self-realization, every once in a while a conversation will still manage to catch me completly off guard. Take, for example, the conversation I had with my seven-year-old foster daughter this past Father’s Day:

Me:                                        “Stop chasing your brother around the restaurant, please.”

Princess Butterfly:            “You wanna play tag?”

Me:                                        “No, you need to stop running all over the place.   Come away from the

door please, people are trying to get in.”

Princess Butterfly:             “Can I be the door man?”

Me:                                        “No, you can’t be the door man. (Seconds later)… Hey! Get off the

ground and stop squishing your brother, please!”

Princess Butterfly:            (Running over to hang on my arms). “Can I be a ballerina?”

Me:                                        “Sure.” (She grabs my hand and twirls for a while, then starts lifting her

                                               feet off the ground and letting me carry her full weight.)

“Ouch! Stand on your feet, please. You’re gonna break my back!”

Princess Butterfly:           “I just want my Daddy…”

Me:                                       “Okay, but you don’t need to be jumping all over the place.”

Princess Butterfly:           “Daddy?”

Me:                                       “Yeah?”

Princess Butterfly:           “Can I keep you forever?”


Yep. That one got me. I’ve decided that this bit of casual conversation with my seven-year-old is probably one of the best Father’s Day gifts I’ll ever receive.

And it’s official. Turns out I’m the crying kind after all.



Writing 101 Day 12 Challenge: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.

Today’s Twist: Include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post.

18 thoughts on “The Crying Kind…

  1. YES! Children will get you every time! That encounter brought instant tears of joy to my eyes, but I have no shame. It’s expected ‘because I’m a woman’, right? LOL! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful story. Thank you for sharing! ❤

    ~ Angela


  2. Children can go from funny to heartwarming to heartbreaking in about 60 seconds. Of course, sometimes they are all three of those things at the same time, and this seems like one of those moments.

    Excuse me for a moment, I think someone’s cutting onions in my kitchen.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s a precious conversation … perfect for Father’s Day! I have always loved recording the conversations I have with my children on blogs or other writings. Happy belated 1st Father’s Day to you!


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