And the “Books vs. Movies” Contest Winner Is…

Books vs Movies with Text.jpg

And the “Books vs. Movies” Contest Winner Is…

Thanks to everyone who participated in The Artistic ChristianSummer Blogging Challenge!  You all turned in some fascinating posts, and my summer reading list (and summer movie list, for that matter), just got a whole lot longer!

But now, the moment you’ve been waiting for!  The winner of the contest and recipient of the Fandango Movie Gift Card is….

Diana, from the Part-Time Monster!

Diana - Book vs. Movie Winner

Diana’s comparison of The Princess Bride film and the original book from 1973 was a fun read!  The Princess Bride is one of those movies that every kid has watched and held dear at some point in their life (and most of us can probably quote most of it).  But after reading this description of the additional back story the book has to offer, I have definitely put this book on my reading list so I can compare the two myself!

Thanks, Diana, for your entertaining and educational review of a beloved classic.

(NOTE:  If you will send an e-mail to, I’ll be happy to e-mail you back with your Movie Gift Card!)

Read the Winning Entry!

You can read Diana’s winning entry by clicking here to visit her blog, The Part-Time Monster.

You can also follow Diana on Twitter @parttimemonster


Winner’s Badge:

As promised, here is the Winner’s Badge to be displayed in any way you wish!

Books vs Movies Contest Winner.jpg


Stay Tuned!

Thanks again to all who participated, and be sure to check back this Winter for The Artistic Christian Holiday Giveaway!

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