Flash Friday Fiction – “Death Match”

Flash Friday Fiction – “Death Match”

For today’s Flash! Friday Challenge, we were given 140-160 words to write a story based on the breathtaking photo below and which incorporated a blazing fire.  Gotta love Fridays!


Bell Tower of Guadalest, Costa Blanca, Spain. CC photo by Anguskirk.

“Death Match”

After stumbling blindly through this wasteland for days with no water – nothing but one last match in her pocket – she assumed the bell tower was a mirage. But the cool white stone felt firm under her grasp, and she crawled up the eerie steps.

They were all dead now – her entire expedition team, violently murdered. And with each killing, the bell had tolled its ghastly announcement. She kept climbing.

The tower smelled like death, and he was on her in a flash, squeezing her throat with powerful fingers.

“I knew you’d come,” he sneered. “Just like the others.”

His voice was hard as ice, and she struggled to speak.

“What was that?” he spat, loosening his death grip.

“You’re…on fire.” She gasped.

His eyes went wide as she shoved his flaming body over the ledge.

The bell rang sweetly, masking his final shriek.

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