Random Thoughts on Preparing for Leadership

The following post is the result of a Writing 101 assignment provided by Blogging University, here on WordPress. The assignment was to throw caution to the wind and just start typing random thoughts for a few minutes without stopping to think or edit, and to post it if we dared. I’m an “ultra-planner,” so this was difficult for me to do, but it was also an exhilarating writing experience!


Random Thoughts on Preparing for Leadership

Well, since graduate school pretty much consumes my life these days, writing off the top of my head will almost always result in talking about this in some way!

You see, being in graduate school is a little like treading water…for two or three long years. You’re constantly kicking (reading, writing, thinking until your head aches) in an effort to keep your head above water – desperate to experience the short bursts of real life which come to you in short, fleeting gasps.

Is it worth it? Deep down you know it is, though sometimes you wonder. What I’m starting to realize, however, is that it’s only worth it if you make it worth it… if you don’t just remain content with that silly little piece of paper, but go out and do something with it and make it work for you! That, of course, is the scary part. But that’s where the rubber meets the road.

So in one more year, when I walk that graduation aisle (again…my lot in life seems to be to exist in an eternal state of studying and learning) I don’t want another little certification to list on my resume or to hang up on my wall. I want more than a pat on the back. I want to emerge as a leader. I want to change the world.

There are lots of definitions as to what this means, exactly. Some would say I would sacrifice everything and do whatever it takes to get a “high-power” job with lots of recognition. But after reading a couple of books on true Christian leadership, I would say that this is the last thing a real leader would do. That is, after all, not the way Jesus Christ (the greatest leader of all time) operated. After performing a miracle and feeding 5,000 people, they wanted to make him their ruler. Fame. Power. The works! But He turned it all down, choosing instead to spend His days in quiet solitude – just Himself, God the Father, and His twelve disciples for the most part. He gave up on earthly recognition so He could become the man God designed Him to be… so when the time came to lay down His life and change the world for all eternity, He’d be ready.

So that’s my ambition – my goal – for graduation next year. I hope to be walking closely enough with my Savior that I’ll be able to lay down all hope of earthly recognition and give God a “blank check,” telling Him that wherever He chooses to send me is where I’ll be happy to serve – even if this means spending my time in total solitude or pouring my life out for the sake of twelve insignificant fishermen.

Some people might shake their head at me, so sad that I’ve traded my big dreams for small ones. But, in response to the regret in their eyes, I’d tell them that what I’ve actually done is traded the tiny, insignificant dreams I’ve spent far too many years desperately clinging to and traded them for earth shattering ones.

Don’t you see? It’s only when we lose our life, for Christ’s sake, that it finally begins to have meaning.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Preparing for Leadership

  1. Also remember that God gave you and everyone certain talents to be used for His kingdom, to help grow the Body of Christ. A high powered job may be where God leads you so you can in turn use it to help others. He may place you in a company where a Christian leader is much needed. Don’t close that door if it is opened for you. But in all things be in prayer without ceasing.


    1. Ronovan – that’s a great thought! The writing assignment was to just type without really thinking and not to go back and edit. Between you and me, there are a couple of things I’d love to go back and edit about this post (like changing the part about the disciples being insignificant…of course they were significant! Christ saw great leaders in each of them, which is why He spent so much time pouring into them)… but, I wanted to do the assignment for Writing 101 without cheating – ha! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, and I absolutely agree with you! Handing God that “blank check” means we’ll serve Him joyfully and faithfully, whether we’re led to a seemingly small ministry or a high-powered workplace.


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