Flash! Friday Contest – Winning Entry!

I’m the Flash! Friday Contest Winner for this week! What a great way to start my week!

The Artistic Christian

Update:  Many thanks to the judges at the Flash! Friday Fiction Challenge for selecting the story below as the Winner of last week’s challenge!  Here’s what the contest judge, Jess West, had to say about my story:




“The Sorcerer’s Daughter”

There are stories that make a good first impression, and there are those that stick with you; “The Sorcerer’s Daughter” does both. Kass displays proud defiance and cunning against her loving but immovable father. These two strong characters grabbed my attention and held it. The level of character development in this piece especially is amazing, considering how short these flash fictions are. Kass goes from stubbornly standing her ground to quietly accepting her fate. The shift does not detract from my respect for this character. In fact, the opposite is true. Her courage in facing her…

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