Flash! Fiction Friday: “Special Delivery”

Update:  I just want to thank the Flash! Friday Challenge and Judge Alissa Leonard for awarding me a Special Recognition for Characterization in the story below.  Thank you, Dragon Hosts!

Today’s Flash! Fiction Challenge involved a 150 word story involving an unpaid bill and little green men.  Here goes!

Alien Mailbox

Special Delivery

The scattered whiskey bottles were my first clue that this was a bad week. “Dad?” I called, stepping into the dilapidated mobile home.

“Did it come?” he called out hopefully.

I sighed, too worn out to argue. “Let’s go see.”

My heart sank as he hobbled out to the rusty mailbox. With trembling fingers, he reached into the compartment marked “Alien Drop Box.” With a triumphant flare, he yanked out a dirty envelope and waved it high.

“I told you we’d hear from her! I told you!”

I scanned the envelope and felt sick. “It’s just an old bill, Dad,” I whispered. “Some kid must have tossed it in as a prank.”

He squinted. “Oh.”

“Mom didn’t get abducted by aliens, Dad,” I said softly. “She left us.”

He collapsed, wailing as if he was hearing this for the first time. We both cried so loudly, we never heard the tiny red flag on the mailbox pop up.


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