Flash! Friday Fiction: “Encore”

For today’s Flash! Friday Challenge, we were given 140-160 words and a historical photo of Emil Jannings, the first man to ever be named “Best Actor” at the first  Academy Awards on May 15, 1929. This particular photo shows him celebrating in Berlin.

Emil Jannings in Berlin

Emil Jannings in Berlin. Creative Commons photo Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-07770.

My personal inspiration for this piece of flash fiction comes from the following Bible verse, which reminds us to stay grounded in Scripture so that we will not fall prey to those who win the hearts of millions with their flowery words and flashy smiles, but who teach concepts that are absolutely false:

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” – Matthew 7:15



The crowd was cheering so loudly, that no one heard me curse. Bile stung my throat as I watched my countrymen fawn over the American actors like blue-ribbon swine. The foreigners shrieked with laughter, so spoiled by riches and fame…and so oblivious.

It was ironic, really, that these masters of the stage were completely unaware that they were acting at this very moment. Playing an assigned role.

It was time for everyone here to get their comeuppance. Time to show the people of Berlin that the frivolous Americans were not their deliverance. That nothing, and no one, could deliver them…but me.

With a wild cheer, I threw my hand into the air, releasing the knife.

The American froze in pain, and I exchanged my plastic smile for a genuine one.

Soon the crowds would fawn over me alone as their savior – their deliverer – Adolf the Merciful!

See? Americans aren’t the only ones who can act.

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