A Mother’s Love – A Beautiful Reflection of God’s Tender Care

Girl Holding Plant

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, a day set aside for reflecting on all the things our mothers have done for us and letting them know how much they are appreciated. And for most of us, the memories of our mother’s nurturing care are sweet and beautiful indeed.

As I think back on the way my own mother took care of myself and my three siblings, a few particularly sweet memories come to mind:

  • Waking up in the hospital after having a chest tube put in and finding my mom sleeping in the chair next to my bed, since she refused to leave her children in the hospital alone
  • Watching my mom take all the money she had earned from her part-time job to go out and buy a piano so my sister and I could take lessons
  • Staying up past midnight with my mom on several occasions as we both struggled to figure out an algebra or geometry problem I was working on… as a dedicated homeschool mom, she never put the books away until we both felt like we understood the material
  • Taking a walk with my mom and talking about where God was leading me in life, and hearing her say, “You know, John Mark, you’re looking in the right places for direction… and I think you’re going to be alright.”

Surely we’d all agree that a mother’s love is a wonderful thing, and a powerful force to be reckoned with! But have you ever asked yourself where it came from? Who gave mothers this ability to care and nurture and love?

Well, God did, of course.

While describing Himself in Job 38, God compares Himself to a loving mother to show us that He is a loving Father who cares for and nurtures all of His created beings with the same tenderness that we would expect from our very own mother:[1]

Who shut in the sea with doors, when it burst forth and issued from the womb; when I made the clouds its garment, and thick darkness its swaddling band? – Job 38:8-9

Has the rain a father? Or who has begotten the drops of dew? From whose womb has come the ice? And the frost of heaven, who has given it birth? – Job 38:28-29

Who prepares for the raven its nourishment when its young cry to God and wander about without food? – Job 38:41

So on Mother’s Day tomorrow, don’t forget to thank your mother for the multitude of ways she has shown you love and care…

And don’t forget to thank God, the Author of Love, for placing that nurturing heart within her.



[1]Kathryn Schifferdecker, Out of the Whirlwind: Creation Theology in the Book of Job (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2008),,76-82.

8 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love – A Beautiful Reflection of God’s Tender Care

  1. I was raised in church and never heard these verses of scripture. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing! I am coping the scripture down now.


  2. What a joy it has been to raise four wonderful children! It is even more thrilling to see how you have become such a Godly man and devoted husband and father. You have indeed looked in the right direction for guidance and have heeded the direction given. What a wonderful blog!


  3. A lovely tribute to your mom … and what a wonderful legacy of love and faith she has given you. I am also grateful for my mother, who pointed me to Christ as she nurtured and loved me. What a blessing to have been raised by a godly mother! 🙂


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