Gotta Keep Writing (What the Energizer Bunny Got Right)

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Let’s face it – writing can be an incredibly draining experience, especially when it feels like absolutely no one is reading.

I’ve come up with what I thought were some incredible posts, only to hang my head in shame when they received zero attention from readers. I assumed that my closest family and friends would read this stuff at the very least – but advertising blog entries on Facebook can be like tossing your heart in front of a speeding locomotive. People are there to see cute animal pictures and hear what their “bestie” had for breakfast, not to read your thoughts on life and the human experience! And some people can be downright hostile toward bloggers, as if all that is dark and evil about the world originated from our posts. Seriously?

So what’s a writer to do when the going gets tough, and you suspect you’ve just thrown a few more hours straight down the toilet?

Keep on writing.

Here we can take a lesson from that obnoxious pink rock star, the Energizer Bunny. He’s marched through snow storms, he’s been caught on fire, but no matter what…

He keeps going, and going, and going…

Any successful writer will tell you that enduring through the hard times and practicing the art of telling yourself to just keep writing is what leads to victorious endings.

For the Christian writer, we must remember that we have a beautiful message that the world desperately needs to hear. And as long as we’re faithful to communicate not just our message, but the message, we can be confident in the fact that we have a whole host of heavenly witnesses cheering us on each step of the way.

“Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” – Hebrews 12:1

Remember this the next time you’re tempted to throw in the towel, and take heart. People may not be paying attention, but you can be sure that the Father is.

And above all:

Just. Keep. Writing.



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23 thoughts on “Gotta Keep Writing (What the Energizer Bunny Got Right)

  1. Thanks for the encouraging post! Sometimes my blog does feel like an empty, echoing, cavern. I love the reminder that there the One is already there. Thanks!


  2. I have actually read all of your posts and have enjoyed them all. Your life in three acts was so touching. You have an incredible gift so keep on writing.


    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving that anonymous and encouraging word! I don’t think I could stop writing if I wanted to… but on the first Wednesday of every month, a group of bloggers called the “Insecure Writers’ Support Group” all post about the frustrations of writing and try to encourage one another… that was the inspiration behind this post. Don’t worry… I’m not throwing in the towel!


  3. Good encouragement. Often when I speak to a fellow writer friend of mine we speak about blogging into a black hole because you put so much time into a post and get little to no return. I have been writing a short story series and always fell little sad when I get no feedback for it. But I am thankful for other Christian writers that can keep me encouraged to keep going on.So you keep writing as well, we are reading!


  4. I appreciate what you said about Facebook. So true. I have advertised my blog entries there with the same thought, surely those who are family and friends will be interested and read what I write. But I have found out that my own mother didn’t even read them! But I keep writing. Because writer’s write, whether others read or not. Its how we interpret and process the world around us. And we are compelled. Thank you for your thoughts.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Jill. Yes, as my post indicated, I have so been there! But you’re right… we right because it is our calling, not for the pat on the back. God bless!


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