Z: Zelda, All Grown Up – Review of “The Legend of Zelda Suite” by Koji Kondo

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While fighting traffic during my daily commute each evening, I’ve discovered that Pandora is my friend. Not only does it keep my bleary eyes wide awake, but it introduces me to some fabulous new music. And while listening to a “Film Scores” channel the other day, I came across a real musical treasure: The Legend of Zelda Suite for Orchestra, by Koji Kondo.

For those of you who have no idea what The Legend of Zelda is, it’s a video game that my siblings and I used to stay up all night playing. And for the rest of us, who grew up playing Zelda adventures – yes, this musical track is every bit as awesome as it sounds!

From the first downbeat, its sweeping orchestration and adventurous march will whisk you back to your childhood days, where locating the Triforce and rescuing Princess Zelda from the evil sorcerer Gandalf was, well, one of the biggest things you had to worry about.

But none of us can stay young forever, and apparently the same rule applies to Zelda here. Midway through the piece you’ll find a slow, lyrical section which takes the melody from the video game’s main theme and transforms it by playing it in a minor key. The result is a sweet, haunting melody which reflects the worry and care we take on by adventuring through this thing called life. It’s absolutely beautiful, and your sensation of nostalgia is suddenly replaced by a realization of how much life has changed – and maybe even a sense of loss.

And then, before you know it, you’re back in the saddle again as the triumphant march returns and ends with a victorious crash! To put it briefly, this piece is a great blast from the past, and is just a fun ride.

Yes, unfortunately we all have to grow up and life changes in extremely dramatic ways from one year to the next. But isn’t it great to know that those childhood memories are still alive – that our hearts are brimming over with them – and that we can revisit the “good old days” whenever we wish?

What have you found that helps you relive the “good old days?”


Listen to The Legend of Zelda Suite for Orchestra, by Koji Kondo


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Wall Save Free Wallpaper Designs: http://www.wallsave.com/wallpaper/1152×864/the-legend-of-zelda-wind-waker-free-91494.html


10 thoughts on “Z: Zelda, All Grown Up – Review of “The Legend of Zelda Suite” by Koji Kondo

  1. Ah, good question, and I love good questions: What have I found to bring back the good ol’ days? I think music is usually what takes me back, or maybe a quick memory as I walk in the park — a scent, children laughter, something like that.
    Congrats on crossing the finish line! It’s been nice reading your blog.
    Silvia @


  2. Interesting that video games have inspired modern music.

    Music definitely revives memories for me. That was my A to Z theme in fact. Music is thought realized into organized sound.

    Congratulations on meeting the mighty April Challenge!

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog


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