Q: Queen of Crime – Our Obsession with Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

Q   Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed Agatha Christie’s mystery novels so much that she made the author a Dame of the British Empire. It’s hard to believe that in the beginning, Christie was a hardworking World War I nurse and military wife who was originally unsuccessful at getting her first book published!

In 1920, however, a small publishing company took a chance on her, and the “whodunit” crime novel was born. Now it is estimated that Christie has sold over 4 billion copies of her books.[1]

And I can’t seem to get enough of them.

I was required to read my first Christie novel, And Then There Were None, for a school assignment and was hooked for life. I simply fell in love with the dry British humor, the colorful characters, the intricate plots, and the highly anticipated twist ending that awaited me at the end of every single tale.

And Then There Were None will always be my favorite, but I haven’t been disappointed in a Christie novel yet. The ending of Hallowe’en Party gave me chills, I was mesmerized by the Egyptian flavor of Death On the Nile, and the list goes on and on. The books are intelligent, filled with suspense, and clean. What else could a reader want?

Of all Christie’s characters, my favorites will always be her detective duo, Tommy and Tuppence, a married couple who fell into detective work by accident and use Tommy’s logic and Tuppence’s “hunches” to solve every sort of crime.

My obsession with Christie is also driven by a maddening goal. You see, one day – at long last – I intend to actually solve one of Christie’s crimes before I get to the end. So far it hasn’t happened. The ending always makes perfect sense, but the “Queen of Crime” always uses sleight of hand when providing the essential clues, making beautiful use of literary distractions to keep me from noticing the things that are most important.

How, exactly, does one go about solving one of Agatha Christie’s intricate crimes? That, my friends, is the real mystery.


How about you? What is your most beloved Agatha Christie story, and why?



Photo Credit: Courtesy of www.agathachristie.com


[1] “Agatha Christie.” Biography.com: http://www.biography.com/people/agatha-christie-9247405#awesm=~oAXRcWLFCFxQ1D

6 thoughts on “Q: Queen of Crime – Our Obsession with Agatha Christie

  1. It’s been a while since I read any Agatha Christie. Perhaps I’m long overdue for another. I’ve never been able to solve one of her crimes either … but I’ve always loved to try.


  2. Murder on the Orient Express is definitely my favourite. It’s such a clever solution. I also liked the 1970s film which I could have sworn was one of the Peter Ustinov ones, but Albert Finney played Poirot. I think David Suchet is the definitive Poirot now though.


  3. I’m geeking out here. A fellow Christie fan! It’s been a couple years since I read one of hers (The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was good), but I’m a diehard Proirot fan and I’m itching to get my hands on a few of those novels. The dramatizations of Poirot novels are really good; I want to compare them to the original.


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